the interturation rel’p between business and being a devcom

23 Nov

after graduating from a five-year rough course (five days-five years) on business, my usual perception regarding business concept was totally changed!..

just last week, i attended a five-day seminar “WIWAG” which means business week… it is a national business program which aims to train students in enhancing their awareness and knowledge on business economics and  allowing them to make intelligent career choices through this WIWAG® program and to strengthen the youth as entrepreneurs by partners and volunteers for students further empowerment.

the seminar was held at BSU Gladiola Centerf fom Nov. 17-21, 2008. it was attended by two colleges from the university: College of Home Economics and Technology and College of Agriculture (BS Development Communcation and BS in Agri-business).

nung first day sabi q “what the H am i doing here?!!!”harhar… tas unang sabak pa lang eh accounting na…weew!!! it made my brain boil up to 1000000 degree celsius!!! harhar….

what they did, from 28 selected participants, they divided us to 5 different companies and was assigned as executive officers, head officers of a certain company, basically, it is a simulation of being in a jungle world of business… how a business in a real world is like, how to deal with too much numbers and all that…. kakaloka!!!!

but as the years went by, my hyperventilation about business concepts churva gradually cooled down… from those consecutive sleepless nights of making reports, plans, decisons, strategies, advertisements and all that (naloka ako rito!!! debit, debit ratio, profit equity ratio, debit to equity, liquidity,income statement, balance sheet, ratio blalablaa… wah!!!!) at least natuto ako.. but the best things i learned are the following:

  • business is not all about gains and profits, it is about targetting a win-win situation
  • business is not just about profit rather it is about considering all your assets (money, people, machines, and environment) all at once and come up with a business that is not just profit-oriented but people and environment-oriented as well…
  • from wiwag, i learned that we are talking not just about business per se but also about humnan relations in all aspects…
  • business is like being a CHET student— bringing out the best selection of flavors in baking a cookie to come up with the best cookie ever…
  • it is like being an entomologist, giving the utmost care in handling insects. like bees, or you’ll be stung!
  • it is like being an agriculturist,treating your crops witjh the most expert care and knowledge  to reap the most nutritious and healthy crops… and most
  • i learned that from all the activities we undegone, in business it is like being a devcom student or a devcom practitioner…there i saw the relationship between my course and Business—-it is listening more than hearing, observing more than seeeing, treating you’re people well and being sensitive to others…
  • wholistically speaking, business is not just about money, it is being human in everything you do,.,, in a very wide horizon, in all aspects of living.. may it be physically, morally, psychologically and spiritually..




One Response to “the interturation rel’p between business and being a devcom”

  1. wheremybloodtricklesdown November 25, 2008 at 11:44 AM #

    hmmm, i still don’t like numbers, hehe

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