so blank…

10 Dec

 I do not know why I am like this.. I can’t write! Hush..  There’s so much in my head that i wanted to scribble on my blog but it just can’t come out… Perhaps, i am still on the state of recovering from all the disasters I went through… And I am still into it!

last November 30 which is my most awaited day– First Benguet Cheer Cup 2008, when we we’re having our dry run at 9 am and the competition starts at 2pm, my heart abruptly thudded and made my knees turn into jelly. I even got dizzy but I did not tell nor show to my squad that i feel like having euphoria that time. I tried to ignore it and concentrated on the dry run. we we’re performing one of our “amazing” stunts when suddenly Lambert, stunt who was then standing on Manuel’s shoulder (basic pyramid), fell off and for a quick second, he got his right hand broken… I was the one who first held his hand upon fall. There I felt as if his bones we’re totally loss and his hand felt like a jelly. We rushed him to Benguet General Hospital. All of us were left stunned and shocked… I left the squad and joined Brian in going to the hospital. And my squad were left there, down on their knees, praying hard and tears shed on their eyes…

I stayed in the hospital beside Lambert for hours and was praying so hard for his safety. That moment I no longer know what decision to make, whether to pursue the competition or not any longer. But the squad stayed strong for Lambert, for me and for the squad. They decided to pursue the competition. They left me in the hospital with Lambert and said they will make all the necessary adjustments. Yes, for the last hour, we did adjustments for our routine which we have been practicing for weeks!

The clock’s hand keeps on turning the hours near 2pm and is getting nervous for the competition. At last, the doctor came in and courted Lambert to the operating room. My eyes were filled with tears when Lambert said, “Kaya nyo yan, you always are the best. Good luck.” And I replied. “Yes, we will bring our winning trophy here right after the competition… kaya mo rin yan, Lambert…”

2pm, Competition proper. Wow we were just so lucky! We were the first performers out of four competing schools. Again, we prayed and before we went to the cheer arena, we have oriented ourselves that everything we are about to do will be for Lambert.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all welcome, the College of Agriculture Knights Pep Squad!!!

Loud cheers and excitement inside the gym were heard and felt and there we said “LET’S BRING IT! CA HOOH-HAAH!”

For 5 minutes performance, we did it! We finally did it…


3rd place… College of Teacher Education!

Woah!!! We can already feel that champion cup is nearing our reach…

2nd place… College of Agriculture!

Woaha!… it’s us! Yeah it’s us!!! We have expected and aimed for the champion cup but we know that the winning school deserves it… perhaps, our good luck will be next time… at least we were still able to land 2nd place…

There we go… after some picture taking we went directly to the hospital. For almost two hours we waited for Lambert to wake up. He just had his operation. When he finally woke up, we saw him with wide smile and bright eyes. Even the pain is illuminating in his eyes, still he felt so happy for seeing us there with our trophy.

Hush… now I miss my squad.  Practices, bonding and all that…  The squad undergone miserable events yet we we’re always intact and have showed each other that no matter what happens TROPA pa rin! It feels so good to be the captain of a squad who always stand together and never leaves us behind… I will be missing you all guys and all the moments…  

At this moment, I am still on the verge of moving on and pulling out my head from being locked in the world I need to leave. Time for academics now… kelangan ko nang bumawi…

Hayyy.. time to log out… weew I was able to write!!!





One Response to “so blank…”

  1. wheremybloodtricklesdown December 16, 2008 at 10:24 AM #

    hmmmm…congratulations still, for us, you are the winners!

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