thesis blues…

22 Jan

I guess I would no longer argue that the greatest problem in having a thesis is the problem itself. I did have much difficulty in deciding what topic I would venture in. The tough part is that I kept on thinking of something that is very magnificent, something that would really speak of my major being a BS in Development Journalism but I just stumbled and ended up with nothing at all.

            I went home in our province Kalinga and searched for something that is “thesisable” but then again, i ended up frustrated!

            A week before the Christmak break ends, I went to my friend’s house and asked for help but he just gave me nonsense ideas because he is a Civil Engineering student. Anyway, we’re both fool in that case. I was in the verge of deep thinking (thinking none at all) when he gave a Guru newspaper, the newspaper of Tabuk and I read it. As I was scanning through the pages, something caught my attention and it was an article about the brokering peace among tribes in Kalinga! I went through the article, word for word and learned that the traditional way of settling conflicts in our place which is the Bodong has been criticized as no longer serving its purpose and even creates an avenue for tribal wars in our place. Huh! There it goes. At last, something puffed in my mind and decided to learn more about Bodong and make it as my thesis.

            At first, i was hesitant to inform our adviser if documenting will suit my major but lucky I am, she said “I prefer the Bodong. Concentrate on its communication practices.” Presto! I already have one!

            Now, as i do the introductory part of my thesis, I still had a difficulty in starting it. I searched a lot of articles via internet and asked one of the Bodong holders in our place for help. I am still a little bit confuse on what I am trying to do but somehow I am realizing that it would be good to know the essence of Bodong especially that I am one of the young Kalinga in today’s generation that have very little knowldge about Bodong. With these, I will continue uproot the communication practices of Bodong, its significance, its history, its role in instilling peace among tribes and how could Bodong pave the path of peace and development in our place. And there, I speak like a real DevCom! Jaja… Well, whatever it takes!

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