Saying I love you is not that hard

4 Oct

October 4, 2010. First Monday of the month. I was thinking what could be the best thing to do to start this month with something worthy. Then I told myself not to be late again so I can at least start the month without incurring tardiness. Glad I made it. The bundy clock, however, pissed me off again as it always does for it can hardly recognize my fingerprint. I started registering at 7:50 and it took me two-long minutes before the bundy clock finally said, “accepted!” But what is more irritating at this thought is that I, for the nth time around, already created a queue of employees at my back eagerly waiting to use the bundy as well. Eeerrrhhh.

Anyway, since it is Monday, it is traditional that we attend flag ceremony. After our flag ceremony, we headed to the NIZ office for important announcements that happened last week. There were many interesting news and updates about our agency. But one thing struck me from the heart. As doc Liz delivers her message, something suddenly lurked inside the deepest nerve of my heart when she said that saying I love you is not really a hard thing to do.

She stood in front of us and expressed how grateful she is for sharing our empathy to her and her family. Her mother died a couple of weeks ago. Like she said during the wake, her mother’s death is “a celebration of life. She had the bests of life when she was still alive.” I was really touched hearing this very inspiring thought from her personally. She has showed strength and positive outlook even after her mother’s death. But what is more remarkable and tremendously inspiring at that is when she said that saying “I love you” to our parents is not really that hard. That we should not wait for them to pass away before we tell these words to them. “We find ourselves saying I love you to them everyday only when they are gone,” she said. It is going to be not that significant anymore, indeed.

With that realization, I found myself crying while I remember my dad and mom. Eventually I also remembered my grandparents who passed away a couple of years ago. I miss them terribly, everyday. I found myself with this troubling question: Have I ever been that kind of granddaughter and/or a daughter who never fails to say “I love you” at least once in a while? I can’t grasp for a pretty answer. In a split second, I did not hesitate to dial my mom’s number and forwarded her a message: “MA, PA, I LOVE YOU PO. INGAT KAYO LAGI.” After sending that certain message I felt really good. Then my mom immediately replied, “SALAMAT, ANAK KO.” Truly, it is not that hard to say “I love you.” I am looking forward to saying it in person as well and as always as possible.

We need not to wait for these people whom we love to pass away before we say how we love them. It feels good that even in the midst of a busy or ordinary day, we get to remember these people and let them know how special they are to us. And for sure, they would appreciate it so much. A simple effort of saying “I love you” once in a while will surely bring a smile on their face and will somehow lighten their burdened heart.

We never know how long we are going to stay in this world. So take time to pause for a while and let these people know how much you care for them and how much you mean to them. If they are hundred miles away from  you, it will just take one single text message or a minute of phone conversation to say “i love you.” On the other hand, if you have them around, take a minute to give them a hug or a simple, cute kiss and utter this magical words. For some, it might be a li’l awkward but once you try it, that feeling of awkwardness will eventually fade.

Start this month with love by saying i love you. Create a smile, a thousand smiles! 🙂


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