10 Dec

Both men and women could be victims, but men and women abuse their partners in different ways. Women are more likely to yell, to threaten by hurting themselves, to pinch, to slap, to scratch, or even kick. Men injure their partner more than women. They are more likely to punch their partners, and they force them to participate in unwanted sexual activity. Violence and abuse affect all kinds of people everyday. It doesn’t matter what race or culture you come from, how much money you have, or if you have a disability. It is most common among women between ages 15 and 54, but it can happen to anybody at any age.

How can you detect boyfriends or suitors who will most likely become wife-beaters and abusers? What traits do they have and why should you avoid them and be wary of them?

Before you decide to commit to a long-term relationship with your boyfriend, pause for a minute and look into your past experiences with him.

The following are clear signals that you should heed and should not ignore. If your boyfriend has one or more of the following traits, this is the time to rethink your commitment to him:

•He deliberately hurts you physically, pushes or shoves you toward the wall or grabs your arms until they turn black and blue.

•He forces you to break the law or coerces you to go against your morals or ideals.

•He threatens or intimidates you by using his physical strength, or he does so with a knife, gun or any other harmful object.

•He dislikes or does not permit you to do things you were used to, like involving yourself in sports or hobbies.

•He dislikes or does not permit you to be with your personal friends and acquaintances.

•He watches your every move, He limits your activities to the point that you have to ask his permission to go out, He checks up on your friends and reminds you constantly that he is a jealous man.

•He blames you of his anger.

•He destroys your things whenever he is angry at you.

•He is often hot-tempered or he directs his anger at other people or animals (it is almost certain that he would soon direct his anger on you).

•He lowers or destroys your self-esteem or self-confidence.

•He looks down on you, insults or curses you, or calls you names even in front of other people.

•He treats you like a servant or not his equal.

•He does not respect his own mother or any women in general.

•He greatly fears being left by you and lets you know it.

•He threatens to kill or hurt himself every time you have a misunderstanding.


saveourwomen, inc,

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