A windfall 2010

29 Dec

It’s fascinating to note how days can rapidly turn into weeks then into months then into years. Now, the book of 2010 is coming to its epilogue and the prologue of the book for 2011 is just about to start.

As I reminisce the happenings from the past twelve months, I can’t think of the exact word to encapsulate my experiences other than the word “blessings”.

While 2009 must have left a dreadful trauma to each and every one of us due to the havoc brought by natural disasters, political conflicts, economic boil down and social dilemmas, to name a few, I believe 2010 has been a lesser “disastrous”. Well, for me, it was a mound of blessings.

Let me start from January (of course, coz I can’t start from February which is the second month of the year which I am now feeling stupid because my inset texts are not really that relevant *wink*).

The month of January was a big surprise to me. Though I did not have much of New Year’s celebration since most of the members of my immediate family wasn’t around, a big, big news was waiting to knock on my doorsteps when I got back to school from Christmas vacation.

January. What turned out to be a “not-so-good” start for the year became the benchmark of a rewarding pagsusunog ng kilay during my college years. I was ecstatic as I walked the stretch of the stairs up to the stage to receive my award. To have such award is something anyone, of same course, would anticipate and/or wish for. And I was one, damn lucky woman. I was awarded the “Outstanding Journalist of the Year.”

February. I have to admit, I can’t remember the most significant thing that happened to me in this month. But I am pretty sure that it was as well a good turn of events, fruitful ones. Ah ah… wait. I had a very, very good Valentine’s Day celebration. It was the first time I received a bouquet of roses and really enjoyed a Valentine date. 🙂

March. This month was the busiest, most rigorous month of my last year of college. Coordinating every single detail for a certain event is really laborious and money-spending. But all the sleepless nights and empty-pocket days were all worth it after we have successfully joined the celebration of the International Women’s Day. We were able to conduct a forum about the passing of the Anti-Prostitution Bill in the Philippines and we have put up an exhibit showcasing success stories of women and what any ordinary person can do to help in condemning violence against women. The one-day event was more than rewarding.

April. To epitomize, this month was a shower of blessings. First, it was the most awaited day—Graduation day. Finally. Graduation is the biggest step one can take toward a brighter future. I was more than happy and thankful when I finally received my diploma. But it was more to that because I received a bonus. Though I finished my college degree for a span of five years because I was a transferee, still I graduated with flying colors. I was awarded with “Special Award in Academic Excellence” which is equivalent to cum laude. Grateful I was.

  • April 23. Other than academic blues, my dream to finally set my feet on other country’s land became a reality. I was selected to be one of the Action Partners to attend the International Kaleidoscope at New Delhi, India for eight exciting days.  I was in eerie. I was like hyperventilating. I was overjoyed. Thanks to Oxfam for including me on their list!

May. This was supposed to be a month allotted for rest after my tedious years in college. But since I was damn too excited to land a job, I accepted an offer to tutor computer literacy among barangay officials. Apart from receiving my very first pay check, the feeling of having older people become computer literate because of you is equally gratifying and fulfilling.

June. At first, I didn’t expect to get a job right after graduation because, like I said, I was anticipating to at least enjoying a month or two just gallivanting around and enjoy beers, sweet, sweet beers with friends. But as if all the forces in the universe connived, I found myself having dilemma of which agency should I accept. I was pretty in demand, eh? Both agencies offered me enticing salaries and benefits. It was a pretty tough decision. But I know, I chose the better one—PCC, where I am currently working. I was a graduate of BS Development Communication and as a writer here, I am exactly what a development communicator is. Thanks to my boss who always helps me through and through.

July, August, September and October. I just observed that my supposed 500-word article is turning into a novel so I decided to put in one shell the “blessingful” events during these months. Since I am already working, I had the chance to unleash further my skills as a development communicator. For my first four months of working, I have been talking to various people but most of them are farmers, rice and dairy farmers. Listening to their stories and writing them down into a paper was the best thing I always enjoy to do. And when people get to read, understand and appreciate my articles, I know I am just doing the right thing.

Alongside fulfillment and inspirations, I had the chance to finally travel around Northern and Central Luzon. I have come face-to-face with different stakeholders with various cultural backgrounds. The best part about travelling is that you find yourself fascinated with places and foods you thought you can only sniff from photographs and magazines. Now I feel nostalgic as I am tripping down memory lane from those respites.

November. If April was a month with multiple showers of blessings, I have to say that November was a blessing all at once. As anticipated, I finally made my way outside the country and that was India. My experiences during the conference I attended there was overwhelming (I am on the verge of completing my travel blog on this). But the most rewarding parts during my stay in India are the learning itself and the exchange of cultures. Of course, having circle of friends who came from the different parts of the world is a major bonus.

December. Nostalgia after the Kaleidoscope in India was a major league. Everyone is missing everyone, hopeful to see each other again someday. Thanks to yahoo, Skype and especially Facebook for keeping us all connected.

Back in the office, I was surprised by all the Christmas gifts and affairs. I received a really good amount of bonus; had three exchange-gift programs; I was the MC for our agency’s Christmas program plus we placed 1st runner-up during the contested presentations; was able to go home for Christmas; and I had a really blissful Christmas celebration with family and relatives.

Now that the year is coming to a near end, I would like to thank every single person who made my year an exciting, fulfilling and wonderful journey. My bowl of happiness could have not contained without you who made it much possible.

While i related only about the beautiful things that happened to me this year, i also had my shares of pains, heartaches, oceans of tears, grudges  and sorrows. But each time i feel such, i always remind myself of the blessings from above that never fail to bring back the hope in me.

The road is sometimes long, narrow and winding but as we always put God first in everything that we do then nothing is impossible. It may sometimes feel like the earth and heaven cave in on us but what is more important is not just how we survived the seemingly insurmountable battles but how we become a better person and having deeper faith because of those.

As 2011 is peeping to come in, I have three wishes that I hope will come true:

– Having my family bonded;

– Realization of more dreams; and

– A beautiful love story 🙂

Happy New Year and may God bless us all, always. I give back all the glory to You.

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