My new year’s resolution

14 Jan

I may just be one of the bunch of New Year’s resolutioners, but frankly, I don’t give a damn. After all, I don’t see it as something not worth doing. Setting the things that you need to accomplish or change for the coming of a new year is something that is worth doing because you are setting your goals and that you really have an eye for it.

This is especially true when the past year (or years) did not turn out as expected, based on your past new year’s resolutions as well. But who knows, maybe this year will be your year and maybe this time, it will really happen. After all, another year comes after another because it opens another door for chances and realizing dreams that were beyond reach.

In the past year, though I can’t remember what those resolutions I made for 2010 were, still it turned out to be my year. This was evident from all the unexpected turn of events during that year. To name a few, I have been awarded as the “Outstanding journalist of the year”, graduated with flying colors, landed a profession right after graduation, had my first international flight and was invited as a guest speaker for technical writing in my former university. I was pretty overwhelmed.

On the other hand, I also had my shares of pains and heartaches. I have to admit first that I am a person who is always longing for someone to be with—someone to cuddle when I’m down or feeling just cuddling, someone whom I can hold hands with while we walk through the streets until midnight, someone whom I can share my love with and someone who will call me in the middle of the night just to say he misses me even we just departed ways.

For the first the first three months last year, I was in halo. I felt like I was the luckiest girl on earth for having a man who showed me how sweet it is to fall in love again. He brought me to the world of lovers—where all that you do is laugh until your sides hurt and tears come rolling on the side of your cheeks; talk anything, even nasty things, until the wee hours in the morning; share food in one plate; go to movies; cook for each other and play in the kitchen; and a long more list of things one can imagine as sweet moments.

The feeling of happiness I had went off as quickly as it came and it damn hurts!

But it happened already. Another year has passed and so I have to keep moving on too. I know the wounds in my heart are not yet perfectly mended but I believe that I am coming out as a stronger person.

Because of these, I am determined to fulfill my resolutions for this year.

I have to leave my usual resolutions that were to save the world, feed the hungry and foster world peace. It’s quite easy, though. In mind, that is. So I crafted simple resolutions to start with that hopefully will turn out big and fulfilling.

  1. Love myself more
  2. Focus on and enjoy my profession
  3. Focus on the works ahead for social change
  4. Spend more time with friends and family
  5. Fall in love again

With all that is happening with me now, I know that 2011 will be my year still. Whatever the odds are, or wherever the wind will take me, I believe that He is always with me to lead me to the right road where I should really be.

It’s the 13th day of the month so it’s not yet way too late to make your resolutions too. After all, it will worth a try, I swear.



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