Not just another Valentine’s Day

23 Feb

February 14. Valentine’s Day or St. Valentin’s Day. Day of hearts. Day of lovers. A day to send flowers, cards or cakes. A day to ask someone special for a date. Most likely than not, you can see couples or individuals wearing red shirts to expressa ”hearty-heart” day. For anti V-day fanatics, they wear anything black. And for some, they call it “Single Awareness Day.”

But for me? It’s a very special day to once again renew our relationship with our loved ones.

While some people would say that Valentine’s Day is no big deal because love should be shown or expressed every day and not just on this day, we have to admit that Valentine’s Day is a venue for letting us realize that we should remember the people we truly love and care for.

Every day, we go on with our busy and toxic routines, may it be in school or office. When we miss our love ones, we simply send them a text message, call them or post on their FB walls or even forget sometimes. I, myself, have been doing these. This thing became so usual that I can no longer feel its thoughtfulness. I realized that we really are already living in a virtual world, which I have nothing against, by the way.

So amidst my busy schedules, I spent one whole night sitting on my table with my lovely, feathery pen and black and white cards. I listed down all the people who are very special to me. Those people who have touched my heart. They who never fail to let me know that I can always turn to whenever things go astray. They who are painting colors to my life. They who are helping me complete the puzzles of life. And they whom I can reflect myself in one way or another.

And because I love words so much, I wrote them brief but very meaningful and honest thoughts. To make it more exciting and more thoughtful, instead of relying to the virtual world, I used snail mail. I sent those cards a week before Valentine’s Day with the hope to reach its recipients on time. As I sent my mails from the post office, I felt a sudden leap in my heart which says, “old school rocks”.

On the other hand, since I am a party lover, I asked my girlfriends for a group date on Valentine’s Day. On the night of February 14, we went to a resort where we enjoyed fantastic splash in the pool plus a sumptuous feast of foods and a rocking concert on a videoke. What else is more enjoyable that a party night out with girlfriends who are equally gorgeous, hot and free-spirited? I can’t think of any other else.

The night before Valentine’s Day I was rushed to the infirmary because of allergy reactions where my whole body swelled and insanely itchy and pimples sprouted like mushrooms in my forehead plus a tragic event after our get-away to the resort (I leave that for another post). Nonetheless, I have to say that my Valentine’s Day was the superb ever get away! And every day since Valentine’s Day, I received countless greetings in my mobile phone inbox, FB wall and e-mail. And to my surprise, one of my girlfriends gave me a bouquet while the others cooked me a lavish brunch.

So who says Valentine’s Day is just another day? Not me. Because mine simply rocks!


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