When old school meets the new trend

4 May

It’s amazing how the virtual world can make two people separated by distance meet again.

Eight years back, he used to send me letters (as mobile phones and internet are not yet that ubiquitous that time), as his way of letting me know how he felt for me. As an inherent lover of words that I am, I used to sniff the oozing sweetness from those letters beautifully packaged in a scented card each time I retrieve them from my photo albums where they are safely tucked. Not until a devastating typhoon took all those cards away five years after. But if not only because of that typhoon which flooded our house, I might still have those cards up to now.

The letter-sending, however, did not last firstly because I can’t remember responding to any of those letters. Secondly, I didn’t have any particular knack on him during that time. Thirdly, and probably the main reason, is because he did not follow-up anymore as he was this super shy guy who can barely speak whenever we meet along the school’s corridors instead only drops a sly smile and quietly race through the classroom. I even remember one time when we were about to meet along the corridor when he suddenly turned back and headed the other direction. And because I really didn’t notice him much way back then, I also did not know, nor cared, when he transferred to another school three years after. I never heard any of him since then. But even though I did not give such attention to him, the letters and the cute, huggable Picachu he gave me as a Christmas present remained in my possession.

Though this age has become a Facebook era, I remained loyal to my Friendster account mainly because Facebook page is blocked in our office’s network. And from one of my Friendster profile photos bombarded with comments which revealed where I currently live, he eventually asked for an exchange of mobile phone numbers and FB accounts.

For several weeks, we exchanged text messages and explored about our personal lives through the ever-informative FB accounts. Likewise, I sent him a Valentine card saying I felt guilty for not responding to his letters back then and hoping that the card would make it up.

And so after eight-long years, I and E met again. I still can’t fathom how our meeting went out. The moment I saw him, it felt like everything was. . . natural. Even the way I talked and laughed with him seemed like we have known each other very well for long.

The time spent with him felt like a yearning that was finally granted. But with our meeting, I was suddenly plagued with questions again. Questions like: “Where is this leading to?” or “Is there going to happen beyond this?” or “Would this ‘something’ just end up to nothing?” and so on.

When we met, I know there was a sudden spark in my heart which I have not felt for some time. I am still clueless to where meeting him again might lead to. But if ever he’ll be a possibility, then I might open my door for that. We are still trying to know each other more and maybe explore some more possibilities between us.

Whatever will happen as we take this road together, I know that it’s going to be the two of us who will either make it or break it.


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