For the love of words

8 Jun

Nowadays, people are so busy that romance seems to be slowly dying out. And for me, a love letter would show that it is still possible. And as super, duper lover of words that I am, I can‘t help but get constantly enchanted with written words especially when it came from a really sweet, thoughtful person.

Here’s one letter that has really put me in spectrum of emotions and my heart crying for joy:

I cry for you

I looked up you in the infinity and in the signals of your lips In one of your pictures I have waiting till get tired and seems like you have forgotten me and my luck disappears in a whisper and feels like you are leaving from my hands and my heart is broken in thousand pieces.

And I cry for you… Dreaming that we can get any solution for this, I cry for you, don’t you see that I cannot forget you??, I cry for you, coz I cannot stop thinking about you.. like a beautiful dream I see you, with the moon light shining in your eyes, suddenly I wake up and I realized that you were not there anymore, seems like you were there and I lost you in a maze.

I remember i was captive of your lips and your prisoner, coz in that time you filled my empty heart, in a place where your lips were my salvation in a wonderful place where I felt like I found the best girl ever and now that you are leaving and i cannot find the reason of the why, and there’s nothing I can do for now coz I don’t know even where you are now.. 😦

Cannot find any way out and the way to heal this poor heart that is crying coz still remember you every morning, every night, everytime. And I will miss you always and remember that am here and and am still looking forward to get any answer from you.


See? Who can’t be moved by this?


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