I am sorry. . .

23 Jun
I am sorry….
what i did is never meant to hurt you.
I am sorry….
‘coz i didn’t know it would cause you so much pain.
I am sorry….
‘coz if could undo what happened, i would.
I am sorry….
‘coz it also hurts me knowing you’re in pain.
I am sorry….
And please believe me when i said all those words i told you in our chats, in the letter i sent you, and the e-mails… every single word i said saying i miss you, i want to be with you, i want to see you again, i like you, and that i wish i could be with you forever all came from my heart…
I am sorry…
I don’t know if you can still take me for who I am… for what i did… but before you let all the pains cripple and block your heart from me, please remember… i do like you even millions miles apart from you…
I am sorry…

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