Things I want to do before my birthday

1 Jul

It’s the first day of July and I didn’t realize this until I was able to sit down in front of my computer after a whole, long, tiring, day breezing through different places with different people dealing with at that.

As an oozy person as I am (only sometimes though), I use to have mental planning everyday from which clothes I should wear, what viand I should eat, how many times I should drink coffee for the whole day, whom I should text or call, and the list could go on forever. Yes, in just a day. The result? I end up doing just a couple of what I have planned (sigh).

So, since the 18th of July is already fast approaching, instead of making mental plans again, which I believe will end up into my trash “brain”, I am listing them down. And just before the deadline is on the spot, I have to make sure this list is accomplished or will be made possible!

1. Tidy up my work desk. My editor use to tell me that everytime he sits on my chair, fronting my work desk (of course), he fears that snakes might be breeding under the pile (like mountains, that is) of papers and other stuff on my desk. And I just use to laugh. But lately, I have been having a big trouble finding my interview notes and needed post-its because I haven’t really cared putting my things organized. I just got tired ‘coz it just gets unorganized almost naturally, almost everyday. And it’s tiring!

2. Eat more vegetables. Lately, I have been pigging out. Worst is, I only eat pork, chicken, and beef. And these type of foods are scary since they don’t immediately burn out plus its calorie content is really soaring and creepy! Likewise, I have become a junkee foods addict, especially cheetos and rufles. Gaddd. These chips are just so mouth-watering! I can’t get enough of these!

3. Exercise. My office is in the 2nd floor and just before I get to my office’s door, I’m already gasping with breath, panting like a dog! Ridiculous at it may sound, but I get tired so easily and heaven goodness, I sweat like a waterfall even very early in the morning! Huh! Since the fitness gym is already installed here in the office, I’m surely gonna allot sufficient time for my fitness activities amidst my ever-busy, toxic schedules. And I’m targeting a weight loss from 49 kilos to 45! Good luck!

So, this is my first three to-do-list as I need to flee now. I have to think of other plans for myself so I’ll have a fulfilled list of birthday list. And this will mean a blast for sure! Good luck to myself!


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