A birthday message

19 Jul

We only get to celebrate the day we were born once in a year. And in this once chance, we try, as much as possible, to give justice to everyone’s greeting: Happy birthday.

Twenty-two years has swiftly passed but I still seem unable to let it dawn on me and accept that indeed, I am growing old yet the dream I set to arrive at hasn’t been at reach yet.

When I realize that I really can’t hold nor control the passing of time with my bare hands, I get frustrated. Sometimes it feels like time is running out and I can’t get pace with its speed. Then at the corner, I lock myself up thinking I am being left behind.

But then again, when I recount every single year of my 22 years, I realize that I have been having so much of life but I just failed to recognize. Maybe this was because I am too preoccupied in trying to reach the goals I set for myself but keeps failing to do so. Not until my birthday came.

Yesterday, I turned 22 and last night’s party turned out a serious blast.

Just after the clock ticked at 12:01 am on July 18, my cell phone became unrest with text greetings from friends who were thoughtful enough to send their greetings as the seconds of time inevitably turned another leaf of my life. Likewise, my Facebook wall almost exploded from numerous greetings coming from friends and family all around the globe.

I can’t say “thank you” to all of you one by one and so the purpose of this post.

I received messages in my mobile phone, Facebook account, and e-mail. But what really brought me to tears is a message coming from a person who has been one of the reasons of who I am now. Her message goes this way:

Because you exude significance in everything you do;

Because you advocate for what is only right;

Because you ooze with confidence and work with passion;

Because you love like there’s no tomorrow…

The world truly deserves your presence and your Personal Legend is not far from your reach.

This message particularly touched the core of my heart because I didn’t know someone could actually see these things on me. I never thought that someone could actually appreciate me deeply enough to confer such sweet compliments.

But what I am most thankful of, aside from having my family, is the fact that I have friends and kapatid everywhere. Having my friends is enough reason for me to continue living. They who help me complete the puzzle of life. They who says “I miss you” and “I love you” with absolute sincerity. Some of them, too, who are even hundreds of waters and lands away, keep their presence and love felt. They are the very reason why a smile is constantly painted on my face. And they who make me feel completely loved and never alone.

For y’all, words are not enough to suffice how grateful I am for having known you. You’ve been with me through thick and thin. You’ve drawn me to tears which are crystal drops of joy and fun. You’ve been motivating and inspiring me in so many ways. And you’ve been giving me reasons to never quit and keep on fighting head on.

Again, thank you. My birthday turned out a blast. I couldn’t ask for more.

friendships :)

PCC friends and friends all around 🙂

Enjoying the booze & wines...with my lovely friends 🙂


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