It isn’t going to be a good day

12 Oct

I woke up today at 6am, got out of the bed at 6:30, finished my coffee past 7, plunged into the shower until 7:40 and finished putting make-up and dressing up for 10 minutes. That leaves me 10 more extra minutes before I head off to office late.

I was already all-dressed up, ready to take up the challenge of another day in front of my computer in trying to summon all my earned vocabulary for my write-ups.  I was all determined not to be late again, as I always was for the last nine months.  I was pretty determined not to look on my body-length mirror again before I regret it. But my phone rang. And I had to pick it up from my study table, beside my unforgiving mirror.

And my ever mean mirror told me that I really don’t look good with my attire today: black slacks, sky blue long sleeves with collar paired with 2-inch high heeled sandals.

And so with the remaining 10 effing minutes, I bombarded my closet and took out four pairs of casual attires. I tried fitting ‘em all only to end up more frustrated  ‘coz I don’t seem to have the attire I want for the day. And my frustration was heightened when my wall clock suddenly turned from 7:50 to 8:15. What?! I’m already late for 15 minutes?! Goodness!

Because I don’t seem to fit any of the attires I picked out, I ended up wearing a pair of black casual attires, a pair of gold earrings and glittering black high heels. Just for the mourning. I mean MOURNING. The OU not the OO. *sigh*

Before I change my mind again, I hurriedly race to my door, locked my door knob, released a heavy sigh and prayed to heavens to please make me feel good.

Unfortunately, I am feeling all the more wrecked because the gray clouds this morning warning a rain turned into a clear blue sky while the sun beams all its rays through my skin. It’s just so damn hot!

Na ah. This seems not going to be a good day, really. I just hope something better will turn out in my office today—at least finish an article.

Lesson learned: Never ever wear all-black attire in a sunny day. Otherwise go back to sleep.



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